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  • Securing export revenue and helping to decarbonise regional economies

  • Our children's future depends on us taking #ClimateActionNow

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  • The future is in our hands - We have a choice, but we must act now!

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Over 70% of Australians want #ClimateActionNow.

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More and more Australians are waking up to the fact that the two party system has failed us! With both sides of government in bed with the fossil fuel industry, it has never been more urgent to elect strong Independents who will represent the will of the Australian people.

Independents for Climate Action Now is a new non-party party! A party of allied Independents who are committed to representing their constituents as well as standing together to demand #ClimateActionNow through real political reform!

Who can provide Australia with a path through the climate crisis?

Independents CAN!!



'Independents for Climate Action Now' is a party of allied independents from across the political spectrum bound by a commitment to delivering effective, economically sound, scientific evidence-based  policies to address the unfolding Climate Emergency.


Independents CAN


It's time for a new system of politics in Australia

We cannot achieve Climate Action without real political reform.
We believe that changing the political landscape is not only possible, it's inevitable.
Independents CAN bases it's political reform on the following 5 principals.

1) Climate Action
2) Fairness
3) Integrity
4) National Resilience
5) Economic Security


Climate Change is impacting Australia NOW!!!

Join us to make a difference!







By electing

Independents who represent their electorate
Independents who lead with science
Independents who invest in renewables 
Independents for #ClimateActionNow


AUSTRALIA CAN - be a world leader in tackling and adapting to climate change
AUSTRALIA CAN - be a technology leader in renewable energy solutions
AUSTRALIA CAN - grow our economy through large scale renewable infrastructure and strategic industrial investment
AUSTRALIA CAN - lead the world in leaving a better environment & society for our children



Invest in renewables

Ecological management for carbon sequestration


We CAN elect independents who want to deal with the current climate crisis.

Independents for #ClimateActionNow

 Independents CAN


Independents for Climate Action Now's policies cover 3 main areas.

3 areas of our policies



Independents CAN has a science and emergency based policy response to the climate crisis that has 8 focal areas:

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1) Transition to 100% + Renewable energy 

Renewable energy generation is now the most cost competitive form of power generation. Increasing Australia’s renewable energy generation capacity to greater than 100% of our domestic needs will decrease power costs and provide opportunities for renewable energy exports and a cost competitive manufacturing and heavy industry sector.

2) Fossil fuel industry transition and phase out 

With no loss of jobs. Independents CAN policies include mechanisms to discourage new fossil fuel industry development, the establishment of replacement export industries and transitional arrangements for dependent workers and communities.

3) Planned adaptation to the new climate reality 

To adapt Australia to an increasing frequency and/or severity of climate impacts a mix of policy commitments are required covering everything from planning standards, protection of high value coastal assets, public shelters and infrastructure, development and coordination of emergency response services, and enhanced water, food and energy security. While some of these issues fall within the jurisdiction of state and local governments, policies and funding at a Federal level are needed to facilitate and co-ordinate outcomes nationally. 

4) Carbon Sequestration

Science provides the understanding that to avoid dangerous climate change the drawdown of current atmospheric carbon is required in addition to the cessation of carbon emissions. The natural drawdown and storage process for atmospheric carbon is via sequestration into soil, vegetation, wetland and marine ecosystems.

5) Develop and scale up tech interventions

Globally a range of technical interventions are being considered as possible means to reduce atmospheric carbon and the associated heating of the planet. Carbon capture technologies are one example that have only been developed on a small scale but are included as a necessary part of modelling scenarios for a safe climate future considering current emission levels.

6) Creation of zero emission society

In addition to electricity generation there are numerous other sources of carbon emissions produced by Australia including transportation, fugitive sources, industrial processes, stationary energy, construction and agriculture. This broad policy area covers initiatives by which the carbon footprint of these sectors can be reduced on the path toward a net zero emissions economy.

7) National Climate Emergency Response Planning

The science identifies that to secure our future requires major and rapid reductions in emissions of greenhouse gasses and other mitigative efforts including drawdown of existing atmospheric carbon stocks. Failure to do this, risks pushing the climate system past tipping points and runaway climate change toward a catastrophic hothouse earth.

8) Political reform

A commitment to a Federal Independent Committee Against Corruption (ICAC), political donation and media ownership reform and limits on the number of terms that politicians can serve and their subsequent employment options (eg. revolving door).




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But we can make a difference.
With real Climate Action and bi-partisan support.
ICAN provides a political vehicle to effect true climate action in Australia.


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What makes Independents CAN different?




Who can create a bi-partisan pathway to a liveable future?

Independents CAN!!


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Climate Change is impacting Australia NOW!!!

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If I'm climate concerned, why not just vote Green?

70% of Australians want to see climate action

Over 70% of Australians want to see stronger action on climate.

Only 15% of Australians voted Green

However less than 15% of Australians voted Green in the last federal election.

55% of Australians are wasting their climate vote

That means more than 55% of Australians are wasting their climate vote on the major parties.

Independents for Climate Action Now is providing a political vehicle for those middle Australians, who for whatever reason are not voting green. Independents CAN are economic rationalists who believe Australia can prosper well into the future if we adopt strong climate policy NOW.



Why should we try to limit and sequester carbon dioxide?

We need action NOW


For further research and evidence on the effects and causes of climate change please follow the links below:

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