Independents CAN – Path to Climate Action in Australia

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1. Establish political party that supports strong independent candidates.  

Australia’s major party duopoly is characterised by non-representative leadership and is moribund by vested fossil fuel interests. A party comprised of strong independents drawn from across the political spectrum with a shared commitment to effective climate policy and political system reform provides a vehicle to circumvent the partisan politics that has undermined effective climate action in Australia.

2. Recruit high calibre ‘non-professional politician’ candidates.

Australians are tired of the non-effective leadership provided by the political class representing all major parties. Independents CAN will seek strong candidates from across the political spectrum that are peer respected and/or community endorsed individuals from industry, business, science, non-government organisations, regional and rural Australia including climate impacted areas.

3. Select candidates committed to climate action, political system reform and constituent needs.

Independents CAN candidates are bound by a commitment to support science based climate and political system reform policies but are genuinely independent in other policy areas allowing them to effectively represent the specific needs of their electorate or state constituents free of partisan policy constraints.

4. Develop the best climate policy platform in Australia.

Independents CAN’s policy platform is based on science defining what we need to do to address climate change and economics framing how best to do it, while recognising the extent of the emergency and the need for both mitigative and adaptive policies that acknowledge the new climate reality. This platform has been developed in collaboration with Australia’s best scientific expertise and will be endorsed by industry and community.

5. Pursue a Narrative of Opportunity on the response required to the climate crisis.

While economic costs have been most commonly cited in relation to the need to respond or not to the climate crisis, potential economic benefits and opportunities have been less recognised. Independents CAN will champion the enormous economic benefits for Australia associated with a renewable energy super powered economy and associated opportunities for investment, new industries, a re-invigorated manufacturing sector, employment and exports.

6. Develop a National bipartisan climate response plan.

An effective national climate response requires effective planning. Independents CAN will work with industry and community leaders to bring together sectorial interests, venture capitalists, R&D providers, union leaders and NGOs to develop a national climate response plan that details regional needs and opportunities across Australia.

7. Build public sentiment for effective climate action.

In recent years and following each emergent climate change fuelled disaster, the proportion of the Australia public that have become climate concerned has grown to record levels.  Independents CAN will convert this concern into a collective demand for political action via effective social media platforms, engagement with mainstream media, profiling respected champions for climate action and grass roots community engagement.

8. Engage the extensive climate activist network in Australia in political action.

ActivismAustralia has a large and diverse climate change associated activist community spanning opposition to fossil fuel developments to promotion of renewable energy adoption. Independents CAN will engage with this activist community and encourage them to give up their non-partisan position and to mobilise during election campaigns to support Independents for Climate Action Now candidates against the major parties.

9. Create a high profile for Independents CAN candidates.

Independents for Climate Action Now candidates will be highly profiled in their electoral communities via effective social media platforms and their engagement in the promotion of a National Climate Response plan, the economic opportunities associated with the transition to a net zero carbon economy and regionalised benefits to their electorates /states.

10. Obtain the balance of power in Australian parliaments.

By running a successful election campaign targeting specific lower house seats and state senate positions, Independents CAN will obtain the balance of power in Australian parliaments and use it to pursue the national adoption of science endorsed, economic rationalist and emergency-based climate policy.

11. Implement policies to address the climate emergency.

Independents CAN  will use its parliamentary balance of power to seek government adoption of effective policies required to address the climate emergency including: 1) 100% adoption of renewable energy; 2) Transition away from the fossil fuel industry; 3) Promotion of enhanced carbon sequestration in soil, vegetation, wetland and marine eco and production systems; 4) The development of and scaling up of carbon drawdown technology; 5) The creation of a ‘Zero Emissions Society’ through innovation in industry, transport and agricultural and land use sectors; and 6) Adaptation of the Australian community and industry to unavoidable climate impacts.



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